Written by: Jenn

Every year I choose one little word that becomes my focus of the year.  I usually wait a few days into the new year to see what word ‘speaks’ to me.  What word keeps popping up in conversations, online or in projects that I am working on.  Last year it was Adventure.  And I almost kept the same word this year because it was still popping up all around my life all year and still now.  But instead I wanted to see what other word might pop up in life.  And one did, while still Continue reading

2016…the year I get my shit together.

Written by: Jenn

So I had every intention on posting my 2016 New Years goals, I will not call them resolutions…resolutions are always broken by February.  But, I got sidetracked and behind about getting them posted.  So here you go…my goals and aspirations for the New Year.


This was a list I found and adapted to work for me and my 2016 goals.  But the more I looked at it… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Mantel

Written by: Jenn

In our house we do not go straight from Halloween to Christmas…we enjoy November and Thanksgiving.  I have some kids crafts ideas that we are going to do…and as always, I decorate my mantel for Thanksgiving.  The Christmas decorations will NOT go up until Continue reading

Easy Cotton Ball Ghosts

Written by: Jenn

Here is another Halloween craft for preschoolers…easy cotton ball ghosts!

All it takes is some white card stock paper (needs to be thicker than regular paper), black paper (I used construction paper), cotton balls, scissors and glue.

I cut out random ghost shapes from the white card stock. I just drew them free hand in a cuteish way. Ethan glued Continue reading