Yarn Sticks DIY

Written by: Jenn

I am obsessed with yarn…I love it.  It is so cozy and comforting.  But…I do not know how to knit or crochet, nor do I care to learn. Hahaha

So I started to wonder what I could do with yarn.  I love the yarn bombs that artists have done in certain cities…and thought I could do something similar for inside the house. So, I wrapped some tall birch Continue reading

Local Yocal – Steak Class 101

Written by: Jenn

On our quest to find different and fun things to do around the DFW area…we trekked out to McKinney, TX to Local Yocal for a Steak 101 class. Local Yocal, a farm to market, butcher and store, holds a 3 hour class on beef and steaks.  And the last 45 minutes is a scheduled tasting of the grilled beef…Yum!


When we first arrived and paid our $50 class fee (well worth it, by the way).  We had some time before the class started and went to a Continue reading