2016…the year I get my shit together.

Written by: Jenn

So I had every intention on posting my 2016 New Years goals, I will not call them resolutions…resolutions are always broken by February.  But, I got sidetracked and behind about getting them posted.  So here you go…my goals and aspirations for the New Year.


This was a list I found and adapted to work for me and my 2016 goals.  But the more I looked at it…the more it seemed too vague.  So I had to dig deeper.  The best way to reach your goals is to have a SMART plan…be SPECIFIC, the goal should be MEASURABLE, and ACHIEVABLE, it must be REALISTIC and have a TIMEFRAME to be accomplished.  So I got more specific…

1 – Have More Patience…with Ethan.  He is only 4 and I forget that he is figuring everything out himself.  I must cut him some slack and not lose my shit with him.

Bill too…I unload a lot of crap onto Bill and he doesn’t deserve what I dish out.

2 – Drink More Water…really that means drinking less Dr. Pepper.  I am sad…but it has to be done

3 – Go On More Adventures…do more ‘things’ and outings with Bill and Ethan.  A monthly family outing, the Zoo, a play, etc. And a monthly date night with Bill.

We loved doing stuff in 2015…and we will do more stuff in 2016

4 – Learn More…sign up for some art/design classes.  Learn more graphic design on line. Read more daily…books and magazines.

I’m not going to dis magazines and only say books…that is too pretentious.

5 – Get More Organized…get my shit together.  Clean my closet, hang up those close when they are clean.

Get the office and garage under control.  Toss the stuff I don’t want or need anymore

6 – Clean More Often…Bill takes care of most of our housework.  I need to help him more and be more of a team player

7 – Explore More…try things that are out of my comfort zone.  Try new recipes and cooking techniques.

Go somewhere new.  Meet new people.

8 – Play More…again, with Ethan.  He loves to play and being an only child he does not have a built in playmate.

And get him out of the house more to play with his friend Cannon and in the back yard, we don’t utilize it enough to play

9 – Get More Sleep…I don’t mean naps.  But I need to go to sleep before midnight during the week.  I am always tired…must sleep more

10 – Forget Doing More…don’t put too much on my plate, especially at work.  Focus on what I can get done and get it done.

Yep…that’s better.  More specific and most of these are measurable, achievable, realistic and kind of have a time frame (the year and my lifetime).  Then it hit me…number 5.  That goal summed up what I really needed to do for 2016…


2016…the year I get my shit together and I will try my best to get it done!  Except for number 2…I broke that one today…and didn’t even make it to February!


2016…the year I get my shit together and killed it!


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