Written by: Jenn

Every year I choose one little word that becomes my focus of the year.  I usually wait a few days into the new year to see what word ‘speaks’ to me.  What word keeps popping up in conversations, online or in projects that I am working on.  Last year it was Adventure.  And I almost kept the same word this year because it was still popping up all around my life all year and still now.  But instead I wanted to see what other word might pop up in life.  And one did, while still Continue reading

2016…the year I get my shit together.

Written by: Jenn

So I had every intention on posting my 2016 New Years goals, I will not call them resolutions…resolutions are always broken by February.  But, I got sidetracked and behind about getting them posted.  So here you go…my goals and aspirations for the New Year.


This was a list I found and adapted to work for me and my 2016 goals.  But the more I looked at it… Continue reading