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Quotes.  We all love them, we see them everywhere, surely by now we all know how to keep calm.  I am drawn to quotes.  I write them down, I pin them, I will even buy something with a quote on it from time to time.  But, rarely do I truly remember the quote or am I really changed by it.  Usually, I nod to myself or inwardly chuckle….and move along.  But once in a blue moon I will see a quote that really hits me.  The other day I saw one, it stuck with me for days, it’s what actually inspired me to start this website.  Funny thing is, it was only the first half of the quote that ‘spoke to me’.  The last half didn’t resonate…but the first part was profound.

An Adventurous Life


“An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swiming with sharks or jumping off cliffs…”.

An adventurous life…

What would an adventurous life look like…one that wasn’t climbing mountains and wrestling a bear? Was I leading an adventurous life? At least in my new version of the word adventurous?

It was a resounding…no.  I was not leading an adventurous life.  I have been living a life on auto pilot.  Going from day to day with very little change.  Monotonous. Drab. Same. Repeat.

This is not to say that I dislike my life.  On the contrary, I love my little slice of the world.  I enjoy my job, love my family, love spending time with my awesome husband and adore my funny, goofy almost 4 year old son.  But I haven’t been living my life to it’s potential.

So with 2015 just a few days away, I decided to put together some new years resolutions.  I haven’t done that since I was a teenager or in my early twenties.  I even wrote down steps on how to accomplish these ‘resolutions’, because I read a quote somewhere about writing down the steps to your goal is a dream…or something along those lines.  See…I much as I love quotes, they don’t stick in my head for long.




These resolutions are less about lofty goals and more about things I want and will do in 2015.  I am too old to believe that I will drink less Dr. Pepper or become a nicer person or that I will run a marathon…those kind of resolutions are broken within the first few days, at least the Dr. Pepper one would be.  In reality , they are fairly simple, and most I think I can do in the 1st half of the year.

1. Start a blog

2. Organize the garage and get at least 1 car in it. 2 would be nice…but I’ll take 1

3. Re-do the dinning room

4. Organize the office

5. Get caught up on my scrapbook for 2014 and start 2015

6. Actually try to do some of the things I pin off Pinterest

7. Start walking nightly, get some exercise

8. Master my new kick ass camera

9. Go out for lunch less, bring it to work more

10. Drink less Dr. Pepper…dammit, I just couldn’t help myself.

I feel like these resolutions or goals are how I can start to live my life with adventure.  I will try new recipes that I find…just like climbing Mount Everest.  I will work on projects around the house…that feels like swimming with sharks.  My scrapbooks are going to be the best damn scrapbooks ever seen…totally like jumping off a cliff. Getting my creative crafty juices flowing again…running with the bulls. Quality time will be spent with the kiddo…sky diving.  Having ‘dates’ with the hubs…wrestling a bear (don’t read too much into that one).

Life is the adventure…and I am going to start living an adventurous one.


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