Easy Cotton Ball Ghosts

Written by: Jenn

Here is another Halloween craft for preschoolers…easy cotton ball ghosts!

All it takes is some white card stock paper (needs to be thicker than regular paper), black paper (I used construction paper), cotton balls, scissors and glue.

I cut out random ghost shapes from the white card stock. I just drew them free hand in a cuteish way. Ethan glued Continue reading

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Written by: Jenn

It’s October first…so let the Halloween project begin!

Tonight Ethan changed paper plates to funny jack o’ lanterns.  This was super easy and fun project to do…especially for an easily distracted 4 1/2 year old preschooler.

All it takes is un-coated paper plates, orange paint, paint brush, black and Continue reading

Yarn Sticks DIY

Written by: Jenn

I am obsessed with yarn…I love it.  It is so cozy and comforting.  But…I do not know how to knit or crochet, nor do I care to learn. Hahaha

So I started to wonder what I could do with yarn.  I love the yarn bombs that artists have done in certain cities…and thought I could do something similar for inside the house. So, I wrapped some tall birch Continue reading

Easy DIY Dinosaur Terrarium

Written by: Jenn

I have been wanting to jump on the terrarium trend…but I was a bit apprehensive, I don’t exactly have a black thumb…but it’s not green either.  Then I found this fun Dinosaur Terrarium Kit!  A complete DIY kit…and there are dinosaurs!  Ethan is in a dinosaur phase right now (just in time for Jurassic World this summer!).  So it seemed like a no brainer to buy the kit and have a project to do with the little man. Continue reading

Texas Wildflowers and the Bluebonnet Trail

Written by: Jenn

There is nothing like springtime in Texas.  People who haven’t been here think it’s all dry, flat and drab landscapes…but the reality is that, come March to May, the fields, front yeards and sides of the highways are filled with Texas native wildflowers.  It is like the worlds largest garden! More than 5,000 species of flowering plants are native to Texas…but the granddaddy of them all is the Bluebonnet. Continue reading

Easy Superhero Birthday Party

Written by: Jenn

So, ever since I found out I was having a boy, I knew I eventually wanted to do a Superhero party.  I love the idea of not having a certain superhero character but just generic heroes (but ultimately I did add some Avengers and Spider-man stuff).  So when Ethan’s 4th birthday was approaching, I felt it was time to bust out some masks and capes. Continue reading