Local Yocal – Steak Class 101

Written by: Jenn

On our quest to find different and fun things to do around the DFW area…we trekked out to McKinney, TX to Local Yocal for a Steak 101 class. Local Yocal, a farm to market, butcher and store, holds a 3 hour class on beef and steaks.  And the last 45 minutes is a scheduled tasting of the grilled beef…Yum!


When we first arrived and paid our $50 class fee (well worth it, by the way).  We had some time before the class started and went to a Continue reading

Texas Wildflowers and the Bluebonnet Trail

Written by: Jenn

There is nothing like springtime in Texas.  People who haven’t been here think it’s all dry, flat and drab landscapes…but the reality is that, come March to May, the fields, front yeards and sides of the highways are filled with Texas native wildflowers.  It is like the worlds largest garden! More than 5,000 species of flowering plants are native to Texas…but the granddaddy of them all is the Bluebonnet. Continue reading