DIY Halloween Ghosts

Written by: Jenn

I love cute friendly ghosts.  After seeing several pinterest posts about making cheesecloth ghosts…I thought I would give it a try to make some of my own DIY Halloween Ghosts.

Supplies needed:


Fabric Stiffener

Small balloons (I used water balloons)

Bottles or mason jars

Pipe cleaners

Black felt or paper


Blow up a small balloon and sit it on top of the bottle.  I used 2 different height bottles so that the ghosts we not the same height (mason jars would also work great).  Then I wrapped the pipe cleaners around the neck of the bottle for arms.

Ghosts armiture

Cut and drape the cheese cloth so that it covers the balloon and also puddles on to the table, this will allow it to stand on it’s own when dry.

Pour the fabric stiffener into a bowl and add the cut cheese cloth until it is soaked thru.  I found that the cheese cloth is super thin and it hard to work with once wet, take your time and pull the cloth open carefully.  Drape the cloth back over the balloons and bottles.  It took some time to get the fabric to lay just as I liked to be  hanging off the arms.  Side note: if and when I do this again next year (not sure how well these will hold up in storage) I will use a thicker cheese cloth…something light and gauzy but with a tighter weave.

Cheese cloth

I let the ghosts dry for about 8 hours.  Once dry I removed the bottles, pipe cleaners and popped the balloons.  Then…add some black eye and any other elements you want to set the ghosts scene.  I added a “Boo” banner with card stock, letter stickers and some hemp thread.  Voila…cute ghosts!

DIY Halloween Ghosts


DIY Halloween Ghost

DIY Halloween Ghosts

I love how they look as a centerpiece on my dining table

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