Documenting your life

Written by: Jenn

Do you document your life?  Nowadays, most people do, we all have an awesome camera that is with us all of the time, the one on your phone.  At a moments notice you can whip it out to take some pictures.  Some people take pics of their family & friends, their pets, their home, food, events, travels, weird oddball stuff and so on.  I know that I personally will take around 100 pictures a week! That sounds like a lot…but I will snap many, but only some will be ‘save worthy’.

So, we have established that our current culture documents every portion of they life, the question is…what do you do with those photos?  Do you download them onto your computer or into the cloud?  Do you share them on social media?  Do they sit on your phone until you need the space?

What then?

Do you put them in a photo album or scrapbook?

Most people don’t do anything with them once the pictures are in their computer or phone.  But what about the next generations looking at these photos?  Will the family all huddle around a computer screen 50 years from now while they look thru grandma’s life?  Will they crowd around a tiny phone screen to laugh at the fashions and trends of the 2010’s?  That doesn’t seem like it will be a reality.  More than likely this generation, that has documented every facet of their lives, will not have anyone looking at the photos decades from now.

So, I am very passionate about getting the photos off peoples phones and computers and onto pages, wether they be albums, scrapbooks or professionally printed books.  One day, I want my grandkids and great grandkids to be able to look at photos of my life and see what I did and who I was with. I want them to see my story…their history.

Please, please, please get those photos off your phones and computers and get them printed.

This is where Project Life comes in.  Some of you might be familiar with the program…most probably are not.  Project Life is an easy way of scrapbooking.  You can print out your photos…or, they have an App where you can do all of this on your phone and then send the pages off to be printed.  Seriously, an app…how easy can that be!

With Project Life, you can be super creative and crafty…or not at all.  The choice is yours.  Basic parts to the system are: Core Kits, Sheet Protectors and a Binder…and of course your photos.  You can see a video describing it here:


Click the photo to go to the Becky Higgins Project Life website


For the past 3 years, one day I will go back and do previous years, I have been doing a 2 page layout per week.  Some weeks are longer (especially if there is a holiday, birthday or event) and some are only 1 page…but typically I keep within the 2 pages per week.  Do whatever works for you.

Here are some of my layouts from 2014

DSC_0022 copy

I start every year with the provided opening page and add some titles and a family photo


First Soccer Game

First Soccer Game – 2 page layout

DSC_0030 copy

A boy and his dog – 1 page layout

DSC_0028 copy

Just a random week – 2 page layout


DSC_0031 copy

Regular life and pool time – 2 page layout


DSC_0025 copy

Ethan’s class Valentine’s on one side with some photos and journaling on the other

DSC_0024 copy

A day in the life – 2 page layout

For 2015 I just bought my new core kit and binder…typically one kit and binder per year.  I used a coupon at Hobby Lobby and the binder was on sale, so the whole wit cost me $30 for the year.  Of course, I already had some sheet protectors from previous years.  But for $30 I can document our entire year!  Sometimes I do add more embellishments…but most weeks, I just don’t have time.

Here is my kit for 2015…the Aqua Edition!  Can’t wait to see where this year leads…

BH_CoreKits_AquaEdition_feature_grande BH_CoreKits_AquaEdition_03_grande BH_CoreKits_AquaEdition_02_grande BH_CoreKits_AquaEdition_01_grande


What will you do with your photos…

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