Easy Cotton Ball Ghosts

Written by: Jenn

Here is another Halloween craft for preschoolers…easy cotton ball ghosts!

All it takes is some white card stock paper (needs to be thicker than regular paper), black paper (I used construction paper), cotton balls, scissors and glue.

I cut out random ghost shapes from the white card stock. I just drew them free hand in a cuteish way. Ethan glued the cotton balls on to the paper and covered every inch…of course this was the highlight in this project.  While he was gluing, I cut out the eyes and mouths from the black construction paper.  Once all of the cotton balls were glued on…he attached the eyes and mouth. Done.

We use some double stick tape to glue them to the fireplace mantle.But you could punch a hole in the top and use some string to hang them.  This is also where the heavier card stock paper works best…the ghosts were surprisingly heavier than I thought they would be.  I guess the weight of the cotton balls adds up!AnAccidentalAdventure.com



This kiddo is having so much fun!




Hanging out around the fire place


Next week I’ll post some pics of the new Halloween mantle set-up…and I’m sure I will use these in the display.  I want Ethan to have some of his touches in the home decor this year.  So stay tuned!

Have you done any fun Halloween crafts with the kiddos this year?  Let me know…

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