Written by: Jenn

Every year I choose one little word that becomes my focus of the year.  I usually wait a few days into the new year to see what word ‘speaks’ to me.  What word keeps popping up in conversations, online or in projects that I am working on.  Last year it was Adventure.  And I almost kept the same word this year because it was still popping up all around my life all year and still now.  But instead I wanted to see what other word might pop up in life.  And one did, while still also being every similar and a cousin of Adventure….EXPLORE is my one little word for 2016.



I like to just see where a word takes me through out the year.  But I imagine that I will do the following things inspired by the word Explore:

Explore new cooking recipes

Explore new learning possibilities

Explore different areas around the DFW area

Explore Texas a bit more

Explore with Ethan going to Kindergarten

Explore opening a new business idea

Become an explorer of life…so I can have more accidental adventures



You are an Explorer



Do you have a word of the year?  What is your word?  What will you do with it?  How will the word guide you?


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