Written by: Jenn

So for 2015, I am joining the blogging world…a little late to the party I know.  Not sure exactly what I can contribute to the blogisphere other than I need an outlet to shout to the world, to share great ideas and overall put my brain out there for someone to see.  I’m sure the world that I will be shouting to…won’t care what this married mother of a 3.5 year old sweet boy has to say.  But I am saying it anyway.

Some of the things I want to accomplish with this blog:

Pinterest.  I pin a ton of things, over 1100 by my last count.  And honestly, I hardly do any of them.  And I must have liked them, or I wouldn’t have pinned them, so my goal is to do a few ‘pins’ each month…crafts, home projects, cooking, etc.  I’ll show you my grand accomplishments…or dismal failures.  I need to get my crafty juices flowing again.

Design.  I am visual person, good thing since my profession is ‘Visual Merchandiser’, and I see design elements all around.  I want to share what I see online and photograph the great things I see out in the real world.  Home design, retail store design, hand lettering & typography…maybe even some fashion designs.  Some will be my own designs…many others will not.

Memory keeping.  I firmly believe that documenting our lives, wether shared with the world or just families, is so important. I scrapbook in the Project Life format and have also done several personal histories videos…and you can believe I will be sharing what I do to document people lives.  Every life has a story please write yours down.

Mom stuff.  Or more specifically, how I am failing at being a mother and wife.  Now I know most of you are saying, “You are a great mom and wife, you’re not failing”! Well…I am not a total failure, but I am also not hitting it out of the park.  Or even getting the ball past the infield for that matter. I don’t want to be that perfect June Cleaver mom/wife…but I want to ROCK at both.  This is something that I am working on for 2015.

Some things I will NOT do on this blog…be one of those everything is perfect in our home/life/kids/marriage/whatever blogs.  But at the same time this will not be a “no filter” blog.  You can bet your bottom dollar that all of my photos will be filtered to look their best.  So if it looks like crap…imagine what it looked like before I edited it.  And my ‘voice’ will have a filter, while I will try my best to be completely honest in my posts…there will always be some personal or private things I will not throw out there for the world to see.

Like it or not…here I am.

Jennifer Linn

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