Project Life

Written by: Jenn

A few weeks ago I posted about the importance of getting the photos off the phones and into actual prints and books.  My favorite way to do this is, Project Life.  It is a simple dimple way of scrapbooking.  It was developed by Becky Higgins (genius superwoman) to do this very thing…to be a simple way to document your life and get these memories into albums.  I cannot stress enough how easy the system is, even if you don’t add anything but your photos and some basic journalling…it will look awesome.  Add as little or as many crafty elements as you want…there is no pressure to be super duper crafty.  Just get them printed and into books.

Every year, Becky puts together a Creative Team and each month she posts some layouts from each of the team members.  For January 2015 the team did some pretty simple layouts using the basic Project Life core kits, a few added some fun elements, but most were accomplished using the basic Project Life tools.  This year she has team members from all over the world; from New Zealand to Germany to the US, and many stops in-between.  My bog 2015 goal is to be a member of her Creative Team for 2016.  I will be posting my Jan 2015 layouts in the first week of February, I need to say this so I can keep myself accountable and get it done!

So, for the people that say they are not crafty…here is some inspirations for you to get started documenting you life.


Such a simple layout.  Love it. Page created by Awbree Caton of Tiny Turtles


Loe that this layout is just images of her surroundings.  A great feel. Pages created by Brianna Marshall


She has great penmanship and does a lot of journalling other pages. Pages created by Brooke Petermann of Grace and Light:Crafting Life


Simple.  My favorites are the ‘broken up’ photos. Pages created by Donna Meuli of Inspiration Storyboard


No need for a lot of journalling on this layout.  The photos say it all. Title page created by Els Brigé of Be Stamped


Another great example of photos showing the items she saw during her day.  Pages created by Gabby Robinson of Sweet Nonsense


Love how she labeled the locations of the pictures on their road trip. Pages created by Jen Lake


The colors and circle photos are so lovely. Pages created by Julia Reichert of JayJay Makes


Instagram like photos with a ‘regular’ layout page. Pages created by Lynley Johnson


Simple dimple. Pages created by Maria Lacuesta of Analog Paper


Her layouts are very typical of PL…so great! Pages created by Mindi Niebuhr of Niebuhrchicks


So light a airy.  Great travel log. Pages created by Rianne Alonte of Make Ideas Happen


Document the silliness and sweetness of those kiddos. Pages created by Rhonda Steed of Just Rhonda


Picture heavy with a little journalling.  This is what many of my pages look like. Pages created by Toni Harris of 1 Motivated Momma


Love how she took the colors of the photos and worked her journalling onto a similar color palette. Pages created by Tully Reynolds


Project Life kits and albums are available on Amazon, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and in some independent scrapbook stores.  Pick up your kit and start documenting your life.

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