Pumpkin Diorama

Written by: Jenn

One of the hot Halloween crafts that I have seen around is a pumpkin diorama.  Basically hollow out a pumpkin and create a miniature scene inside the pumpkin.  I choose to use a fake pumpkin so that I can reuse it year to year.


I sketched out a window and left a ‘tree’ on the right side.  After I sketched out the window…I just used an Exacto knife to cute it out. Be careful around the thinner tree…it felt like it could snap if I cut it too hard.  Also needed to cut out a hole in the back so i could add some fairy lights into the pumpkin.

Cut out diorama

Pumpkin Diorama

Once it is all cut out…paint the whole thing, inside and out black.

Painted black

Now you are ready to create the scene.  The possibilities are endless.  I did a wolf howling at the moon in a cemetery….but I also thought of dancing skeletons, floating ghosts, black cat on the moon.  Endless.

Put down a layer of moss and start styling.  For the moon, tree, cemetery and haunted house I used some Jolee’s Boutiques stickers.  The wolf was one of Ethan’s little plastic animals.

Halloween stickers


My little diorama sits on my Halloween mantle…and looks darling!

Pumpkin diorama

Pumpkin diorama

Pumpkin diorama

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